Computer Support

Technical Support,  Computer Services and IT Solutions for Small Businesses:

Are you a small business in search of computer support or scheduled preventative maintenance? Are you seeking assistance in business network optimization to support business growth goals? Are you located in Calgary, Alberta or the surrounding area? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have found the right IT service partner – CloudCraft IT Services Inc.

Our founding principle is that small businesses – from single person, home based businesses to small shops, stores, or professional corporations – deserve affordable, high quality computer support and IT services. We take pride in providing fast and friendly IT technical support services at attractive price points to small businesses like yours. Get in touch with us today by calling (403) 383-3357 or emailing to find out how we can help your business grow!

We provide budget friendly, quality IT and Computer Support services to small businesses in the greater Calgary area. Previous clients have included Chiropractors, Veterinarians, Organic Grocery markets, Home and Corporate Cleaning services, Roofing companies, and small home builders. We are a small business who specializes in  keeping other small businesses in business. Contact us today to book an on site network evaluation and to stop over-paying for your general IT service needs.
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CloudCraft IT Services has a goal to provide high-quality computer and network services to small businesses in Calgary and surrounding areas (Drumheller, Strathmore, Okotoks, Canmore, and all places in between).  Our technicians possess current Comp TIA A+ Computer Technician certifications; this vendor-neutral certification is globally recognized and designates that the holder has mastered the technologies found in modern IT environments.
Technical support services we offer to Calgary and surrounding areas include:
  • Certified Techicians (CompTIA A+)
  • IT Services
  • Computer Support – build, configure, deploy and upgrade support services
  • Preventative Maintenance and Sanitizing / Cleaning services
  • Computer Repair
  • Printer setup and troubleshooting
  • Windows Tech Support and training
  • Office 365 – setup, training, and support
  • Anti-Virus, Malware, and Ransomware Protection
  • Virus scanning and removal
  • Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (Canadian Data Center)
  • Data recovery
  • Small Business Wired and Wireless Network Setup
  • Network Optimization
  • Computer Support – configuration, deployment, upgrade, build, optimize, and repair
  • IT Project Coordination

Computer Repair, Cleaning & Diagnostic Services

Comprehensive Computer Cleaning, Repair and Diagnostic Services Designed to Improve Network Access and Reliability:

Heat is Public-Enemy-Number-One to electronic components, and is the number one killer of computers. If it has been more than 6 months since your computers have been professionally cleaned, then their components are at risk of being permanently damaged by heat.  Electronic components inside every computer create an electro magnetic field that attracts dust and debris. Over time, this collection will coat components like a blanket and cause their temperature to rise above the normal operating range, and this starts the component break down process.  If left in this state long enough the component will fail – power supplies, video cards and CPUs (the computer’s brain) are the most critical components inside a computer, and are the most likely components to fail due to overheating.

You wouldn’t drive your car forever without changing its oil, so why would you run your computer without having it serviced regularly? Protect your investment (and your data!) by implementing a preventative maintenance program that includes regular cleaning and diagnostic services for your network devices. Contact CloudCraft IT Services today to find out how a preventative maintenance program can increase your return on technology investments.
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All of our technicians maintain a current CompTIA A+ Computer Technician certification and use industry approved tools and products to completely clean and run diagnostic checks on your computer systems. Our basic Computer Cleaning and Diagnostic Services include:
  • Physical inspection of all components and peripheral devices
  • Visual inspection of cables and connections
  • Dust removal from all components and vents
  • Clean and reseat RAM modules
  • Reseat all connectors
  • Keyboard and Mouse sanitizing
  • Clean the display and monitor screens
  • Junk file removal
  • Registry cleanup
  • Diagnostic checks of:
    • RAM functionality
    • Critical System Files
    • Hard Disk Drive sectors

IT Services & Support

​IT Services Designed to Increase Business Growth and Velocity:

Small businesses require unique network and computing solutions to support their business models. CloudCraft IT specializes in making the effort to understand your business and to provide a custom solution to help you maintain business velocity and continuity. Cloud Computing and Network Management services are currently growing at an exponential rate. Let us help you discover how to use these services to provide your network with enterprise level accessibility, reliability, and serviceability at attractive price points.
You will find that we have some of the most attractive rates in the Calgary area; we have purposely done this in an effort to provide ultra small businesses with budget friendly, quality IT support services. We specialize in providing affordably priced services to support your day-to-day business computing requirements. If your business has between 1 and 30 devices then contact us today and stop over-paying for your general IT service needs.
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Solutions for Small Businesses Include:

  • Preventative Maintenance Schedules
  • Computer Cleaning Services
  • Computer Diagnostics and Performance Monitoring
  • Network Optimization
  • Cloud Service integration
  • Business Continuity Planning​
  • IT Project Coordination

Data Recovery Solutions

Keeping Your Business in Business with Data Backup, Recovery, Security and Antivirus Solutions:

The best way to protect your data from ransomware is to have a solid data backup and recovery system in place. Small businesses have become a favorite target as many do not utilize sufficient security measures, employee training or data recovery options to protect themselves from ransomware. How certain are you that your current backup solution will allow your business to survive a catastrophic data loss event? Let CloudCraft IT Services show you how easy and affordable it can be to protect your data and keep your business in business in the event of a disaster, critical hardware failure, or ransomware attack.
CloudCraft IT Services specializes in designing and implementing cost effective, multiple site data backup solutions that guarantee the integrity and availability of your data. Our solution will get your small business up and running quickly after experiencing a data loss event. Reach out to our computer support team today for a complementary data backup consultation.
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Data Protection Services:
  • Data Disaster Recovery Planning
  • System Restore Points
  • 3-2-1 Data Backup Method
  • Ransonware Attack Prevention
  • Antivirus Solutions