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Data Backup & Recovery Services

Securing your data against loss and ransomware is our top priority.

Keeping Your Business in Business with Secure Data Backup and Recovery Solutions:

The best way to protect your data from ransomware is to have a secure data backup and recovery system in place. Small businesses have become a favorite target of cyber criminals as many do not utilize sufficient security measures, employee training, or data recovery processes to protect themselves from ransomware. How certain are you that your current backup solution will allow your business to survive a catastrophic data loss event? Let the experts at CloudCraft IT Services show you how easy and affordable it can be to protect your data and keep your business in business in the event of a disaster, critical hardware failure, or ransomware attack.

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CloudCraft IT Cloud Backup Application


The CloudCraft IT Cloud Backup Application allows small businesses to protect all of their mission critical data in a secure data center located on Canadian soil. Our Canadian data center is a compliant cloud storage center that uses a mix of triple layer encryption and multi-factor authentication security protocols to easily meet or exceed compliance requirements for organizations such as HIPAA, FIPS, FINRA, SOX, GLBA, CJIS, and many more. Additional features include Anomaly Detection alerts, compatibility with computers, tablets, phones, and Exchange servers, remote wiping services, geo-location, and unlimited document versioning. 
Our Cloud Backup solution is affordable with plans as low as $25 a month per 50GB of secured data storage space. Compared to services that offer per-device costing structures, our per-Gigabyte pricing tiers allow businesses to maximize cloud storage space allocation, thus realizing a greater return on their investment capital. The CloudCraft IT Cloud Backup Application is easy to setup and use, and will get your business up and running quickly after a data loss event. Reach out to our computer support team today for a complementary data backup consultation.
Data Protection Services:
  • Data Disaster Recovery Planning
  • System Restore Points
  • 3-2-1 Data Backup Method
  • Ransonware Attack Prevention
  • Antivirus Solutions
CloudCraft IT Cloud Backup Application:
  • Guaranteed Data Recovery
  • Unlimited Versioning
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Snowden-Proof Security
  • Canadian Data Centers

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