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PUMP UP Your Business with

Digital Marketing

Helping businesses generate more clients and sales using online advertising.

Pay Per Click Ads

Facebook and Google Ads are amazing at getting your product or service in front of high-intent buyers. Contact us today to see how target advertisement can generate more leads and sales for your business.

Message Marketing

Direct contact with your subscribers is key to managing relationships and showcasing your products or services. Let our team help your business create mailing lists and email marketing campaigns.


A website is only as good as its SEO and Purchasing interface allow it to be. We use premium tools to build WordPress websites and are familiar with integrating a host of payment portals to help boost your sales!


Brand Management

We use a mix of Reputation Management Services, Business Awareness Campaigns, Social Medial Management, and NAP Listing services to gain the trust of potential clients and convert them into paying customers. 

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Grow Your Business

Your needs are unique.

As an Entrepreneur you will have a unique dream for your business ventures. Shouldn’t your Digital Marketing Partner share that vision with you? 

Digital Marketing has become the number one way for businesses to interact with current and prospective clients. From the layout, images, and text on your website to your social media posts, and the content on your landing pages used in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns… they are all a direct reflection of your business and its values. 

Just having a website, social media accounts, and running advertisements isn’t enough to engage clients. All these platforms need to work together in harmony to gain and keep the interest of your followers. The more attractive and inspirational they are, the more followers and client leads your business will gain. Let us help you get in front of those clients! 

Social Media

Social Media has taken the Internet by storm. So many companies, brands, and individuals have found new fame and fortune by constantly delivering engaging content. Creating enough content to be relevant and engaging is a daunting task for most business owners, but thankfully it is easier than it seems. Start by creating (or downloading) a Social Media calendar and then populate it with content ideas. Before you know it, you are well on your way to growing your Social Media influence. 


Your business’ website should be the cornerstone content of your online profile. It needs to be fast, beautiful, mobile responsive, and built to convert visitors into customers. We sweat the details to make your content engaging to visitors and relevant to search engine crawlers. This ensures your website is being found by search engines and displayed to high-intent consumers who are looking for your service or wellness offerings. We tastefully use pop-ups and contact forms to promote news letter subscriptions, email interaction, and contact information submissions that go directly to your CRM software. 

Pay Per Click

PPC Advertising with Google Ads and Facebook has never been easier! Or so it would seem…  Many business owners find it easy to create and post an ad, but then they watch their budget burn without getting any quality leads from their campaign. That is where having a proven Marketing Partner comes in handy – we do all the research to understand your target audience, use positive and negative keywords to optimize delivery, and constantly monitor and tweak the ads so you get the highest number of conversions possible for your advertising budget. 

PPC Campaigns Special Offer

Generate More Sales:

Properly managed PPC campaigns are the fastest way to display your product or service to high-intent buyers. We take the time to research, design, create, and optimize PPC campaigns to deliver the highest number of leads at the lowest possible cost per lead. Our positive and negative keyword strategy sets us apart from the competition and delivers the best return on investment for our clients. We are currently offering up to 50% off the normal setup and management fee for Pay Per Click campaign services. 

$200 setup and optimization fee for campaigns with up to $600 ad spend budget.


$400 setup and optimzation fee for PPC campaigns with a budget of $601-$1000.


Contact us for pricing of campaigns above $1000.


All campaigns include setup, content creation, keyword research and implementation, and monitoring and optimization services.

Website Pricing Plans

All websites are built using professional tools and include on-page SEO, professionally written content, mobile friendly design, and speed enhancement features.

*Prices exclude 5% GST. 

Website Pricing Plans

All websites are built using professional tools and include on-page SEO, professionally written content, mobile friendly design, and speed enhancement features.

*Prices exclude 5% GST. 

Grow your business

We offer a full selection of digital marketing solutions including website design, PPC Campaigns, automated Reputation Management, Lead Generation, and Social Media Management. Contact us today to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.